Imperial Vienna

More than just the Hofburg Palace

Guided Walk

For many centuries Vienna was the centre of an Empire and the Hofburg Palace the Residence of the Habsburg Dynasty.

On our walking tour we will the explore the vast complex of the Hofburg, its numerous wings, courtyards and squares. We will travel back in time, from the medieval ages to the 19th century. And we will encounter the histories of some of the most outstanding members of the Habsburg family, their fascinating stories and some curious family traditions.

You will learn what impact the Habsburg family had on Vienna, what is hidden behind some of the facades, the true story behind the myth of Empress Elisabeth, also known as Sisi. You will hear of the unusual burial rites of the Habsburgs, the story of Napoleon‘s son and where to find traces of the fortified medieval castle.

Duration: 1,5 h - 2 h

An extended (and longer) walking-tour can also include:

  • Hofburg Palace – Sisi Museum & Imperial Apartments
  • Hofburg Palace – Imperial Treasury Vienna
  • Hofburg Palace – Imperial Silver Collection
  • Hofburg Palace – State Hall of the Austrian National Library
  • Albertina – Museum
  • Imperial Crypt
  • Schönbrunn Palace
  • Schönbrunn Palace - Imperial Carriage Museum Vienna